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At Sean Brooklyn Photography, our mission is to capture the essence of every individual through exceptional headshot photography. We strive to create images that not only reflect professionalism but also showcase the unique personality and authenticity of each client.

What to Expect

Your Best Headshot

Your headshot shows a peek into your personality and should build trust with your clients, customers and audience. Working with one Sean Brooklyn Photography will take your headshot to a whole new level!

We’re not shy about it; we provide amazing headshot photography for both individuals and groups in Brooklyn, NY and around the 5 boroughs, and we’re pretty good at it.

Get Your Best Headshot with Sean Brooklyn Photography
Lifestyle Portraits

Show Your True Colors

Lifestyle Portraits

Portrait sessions are a bit different – we get creative and enjoy mixing things up a bit. You’ll have an assortment of different backgrounds/lighting and more direction for posing than a headshot session.

Portrait sessions usually provide a broader range of pictures and everything you’ll need for your own personal branding purposes.

Book a Session

Book your session in less than 3 mins at least 1 week in advance to ensure proper preparation for the session.

Get Snapped

Arrive to your session and get your photos taken. I will guide you so we get the best shots!

Review Images

We will review your images in real time and select your favorite, must-have shots. 

Select & Pay

Select and pay for the images you want. We'll retouch them and deliver them in a few business days.