About Me

Greetings, I am Sean, a distinguished headshot specialist and portrait creator based in Brooklyn, New York. I leverage my expertise to provide you with premium images that instill pride and empower you with the confidence to effectively utilize them.

My mission is to establish a meaningful connection with you, unraveling your essence to capture images that authentically represent your personality and skills. Over the years, I have been privileged to assist numerous entrepreneurs, business professionals, actors, and teams in meeting their headshot photography needs.

Whether you are contemplating your next professional opportunity or seeking the perfect image for your endeavors, allow me to alleviate your concerns. Let’s work together to ensure that your professional image stands out and leaves a lasting impact.

Sean Brooklyn Photography

What to Expect

Together, we’ll capture and examine images in real-time. This approach helps us gauge their suitability for your purpose, allowing us to adapt the session focus to address any specific aspects that can further enhance your experience.

Sean Brooklyn at work

This is your moment to take charge, recognizing that your professional headshot serves as the pivotal introduction to your audience.

Learn more about preparing for your session, view our rates for headshots and portraits or book a session now.