Preparing for Your Session

Together, we’ll capture and examine images in real-time. This approach helps us gauge their suitability for your purpose, allowing us to adapt the session focus to address any specific aspects that can further enhance your experience.

Book a Session

Book your session in less than 3 mins at least 1 week in advance to ensure proper preparation for the session.

Get Snapped

Arrive to your session and get your photos taken. I will guide you so we get the best shots!

Review Images

We will review your images in real time and select your favorite, must-have shots. 

Select & Pay

Select and pay for the images you want. We'll retouch them and deliver them in a few business days.


We encourage our clients to bring a diverse selection of clothing options. Our top priority is that you genuinely love what you wear! If you’re not comfortable in it, your confidence during the shoot may be affected. Consider bringing a variety of cuts, colors, and necklines. For our corporate clients, we recommend men have various jacket/shirt/tie combinations and women have options like blouse/dress/jacket combinations. Keep jewelry subtle; small earrings and simple necklaces are ideal, as anything bold may distract.

Feel free to express your style, even if it involves statement pieces! If you wear glasses, bringing multiple pairs helps us assess their glare. If you’re unsure about an outfit, bring it – we welcome options. Actors can experiment with layers, from t-shirts to light jackets, regardless of the season. Enjoy the process; if your wardrobe feels incomplete, consider shopping, and keep the tags on for potential returns.

Don’t worry about wrinkles; our studio is equipped with a steamer to easily address any garment creases.

Hair & Makeup

Makeup for women during the session is optional but strongly recommended. The associated cost is outlined above and encompasses assistance with hairstyling.

Our makeup application is tailored to the specific lighting used, typically starting with a natural look for a clean and simple appearance. We offer touch-ups and subtle adjustments as the shoot progresses. If you prefer a heavier initial makeup application, please communicate your preference.

Regarding women’s hair, we request that you arrive with your hair styled as you would like to be photographed. We aim to capture your hair looking its best, similar to a fantastic hair day. While our makeup artist ensures your hair is photoshoot-ready, we will collaboratively discuss your desired hairstyle at the beginning of the session.

If you require significant changes to your hair, such as going from curly to straight, there may be an additional $50 charge for our makeup artist’s assistance. Please discuss any such requirements with us before your session to ensure clarity.

For men, makeup is not typically recommended. However, our makeup artist can provide light grooming for skin and hair upon request, with pricing details available upon inquiry. Professional retouching is usually sufficient to address any skin-related concerns.

Facial hair is welcome, and you can arrive with your preferred level of growth. We can address scruff during the session, so feel free to bring any grooming products you may need.

Your comfort and desired look are our priorities, so please communicate any preferences or concerns beforehand to ensure a seamless and enjoyable session.

Procuring Images

Following the conclusion of the photography session, we will convene to meticulously assess each retained photograph individually. After eliminating any clearly unsuitable shots, our focus will shift towards refining the collection to encompass only the most exceptional images. Throughout this meticulous curation process, we engage in client consultations regarding factors such as facial expressions, retouching possibilities, and ensuring a diverse array of high-quality shots for your selection.

Ultimately, you will make informed decisions on the images you wish to acquire, which will then be forwarded to our retouching team and promptly delivered to you within a week from the date of your session.

Scheduling Bookings & Payments

We offer photo sessions from Monday to Friday, typically hosting 1-2 sessions daily starting around 11 am. We’re flexible with booking times, so feel free to suggest a preferred slot. To ensure ample time, we recommend avoiding immediate commitments post-shoot. Continue reading.